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hi tumblr whoops thenightreplacedtheday changed her tumblr name and got kicked out of my feedly so i havent seen her tumbls in like 2 months but never fear just looked at them all and have 20 of the best in my queue wheeewww

sweaty babes dancing it out in brooklyn
gooood morning beautiful (at Federal Hill)


People Around the World Pose With Everything They Eat in a Day

Imagine what a picture of all the food you eat in a day would tell you about your eating habits. What about when you compare it to that of a neighbor, a person in another state, another part of the world?

That’s the idea behind Peter Menzel’s photo book, What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets. After seeing the diets and accompanying lifestyles of cultures across the globe, Menzel and his wife and partner Faith D’Aluisio hope Americans will think twice before going for seconds.

“Every time we’d come back to this country we’d see our fellow Americans getting bigger and bigger,” says Menzel. “There’s a report in the newspaper every other day about obesity rates and how it’s impacting everyone’s bottom line with healthcare. Healthcare is so extremely expensive in this country because we’re treating the problem after the fact, rather than trying to do something about it before.”

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Shel Silverstein - The Giving Tree


The Giving Tree read by Shel Silverstein

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easter beer hunt (at Prospect Park Picnic House)
no         fun (at nostrand ave home)
saturday morning (at nostrand ave home)




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